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    December 30, 2011
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you're watching cbs 5 eyewitness news on the cw. bay area students busted for pot on their ski trip. none were arrested, now some are wondering why. >> an emotional day in iowa. the conversation that brought newt gingrich to tears. >> who would steal an animal from the zoo? the middle of the night, how much the reward is tonight. >> good evening, i'm elizabeth cook. >> i'm allen martin. dana and ken have the night off tonight. we are going to begin with breaking news. >> don knapp with what we know right now. don. >> liers, liz, the whole street is blocked off by police officers for a block to the west of 55th and international and to the east of 55th international. take a look down the street where you see that police car just around that area, there is a taco truck and apparently
that is the place where this occurred at about 9:40 this evening. an hour and 20 minutes ago. the boy is a five-year-old. he has been shot and critically injured. we must point out this is the third shooting in three months of a child here in oakland. remember back in august, right here on international, about 69th was shot and he eventually died and just a month ago, november 29, in west oakland, hiram was shot and he was taken off life support and now this is about a month later, we have this shooting of a five-year- old. we don't have a lot of details yet, police say they will talk to us a little bit, give us information. we are waiting for that. all we know is when they have the entire street blocked off, they are treating it as a crime seen. or when they expect somebody might die. so it's a very serious kind of thing that occurred here tonight and we'll wait and see what develops and let you know. back to you. g don knapp in oakland, thanks.
well, they got caught with a massive collection of illegal drugs and alcohol. bay area teenagers were headed to utah on a ski trip, but none of them were arrested or sited for possession. robert lyles with the question a will the of people are asking and that is, why? >> first, the ski buses were supposed to return here in about 45 minutes, but some parents approached us a short time ago. they were angry and demanded that we leave. when we didn't leave, they did. so it's anyone's guess if those buses will off load here. this story generated some serious questions and interest by the public like is this a case of selective police enforcement? >> at the high school, the annual ski trip to salt lake city is as anticipated as senior prom. >> i have a will the of friends on that trip. >> why is the anticipation so high? because it's their opportunity to get high. >> a lot of people bring
illegal materials on there. >> oh yeah, a lot of partying. >> you can't not notice it. >> not the drugs as drinking. >> it's hard to ignore the mass collection of marijuana, and alcohol confiscated by police. collected from five buses filled with students from some of the bay area's most privileged high schools. police kept the drugs, but did not arrest or site any of the teens involved. selective police enforcement, yes, said the bay area principal, she wrote the police chief asking if this had been a group of more inner city youth or youth from a different ethnic background if the results or consequences would have been different. >> probably coke and a lot of weed and you know, maybe ecstasy. >> this student didn't want to be identified because illegal drugs are sold on campus and on the annual ski trip. in fact, police admit a similar drug bust happened last year
with the same trip organizer. >> i think people knew before. i know my parents did. >> cbs 5 legal analyst, paulhenderson. >> that's notice, so that people knew or should have known that there were problems associated with the trip in as much as the students that were involved had drugs or were engaged in illegal activities. >> this student did not want to be identified says the ski organizer uses students to recruit on campus. >> so it's not like this is done in secret. the school administration knows? >> if the buses are dropping them off at the school and picking them up at the school, i feel like the administration has to no know about it. >> is there a pending criminal investigation against the ski trip organizer? and any of the returning students face any kind of discipline from the more than 11 local high schools they
attend? well, the police chief could not be reached for comment and the union high school district that had more than six dozen students on that trip also cannot be reached for comment. reporting live, i'm robert lyles, cbs 5. with four days to go in the republican caucus, iowa voters are still on the fence. gop candidates are pushing hard to get those undecided votes. but as jan crawford shows us, for many iowans, who to vote for is more difficult than ever before. >> mitt romney rode into a supermarket parking lot with chris cristie and hundreds of cheering supporters. >> kris cristie, the great governor of new jersey. >> in a sharp contrast, just 15 miles away. newt gingrich had a conversation with a mother's group, moderated by frank that touched on his own mother and her mental illness and brought the former speaker to tears. >> my whole emphasis on brain
science comes directly from dealing with, you know, the real problems of real people in my family. so it's not a theory, it's in fact, you know, my mother. >> as the candidates try different ways to connect with voters over the next four days, anything can happen. because this election year is iowa undecided. a poll released this week said 43% of voters haven't made a final decision. the field is tight with romney, ron paul, and the surging rick santorum. gingrich and perry could have an impact. stay at home mom says voters are looking for a perfect candidate in a crowded field. >> people i know paying attention, most of them are undecided. we just don't know who we are going to vote for. >> big difference now is among social conservatives. four years ago, most of those voters thought mike huckabee was the obvious choice.
now that vote appears split. some social conservatives, like dianne patrick of boone, iowa, said they can't decide whether to back gingrich. they see as the true conservative. >> i'm torn between trying to go for the strategic candidate that is going to be able to beat obama or to go with the person that i truly would most align with politically. >> now voters say there are two main reasons they can't make up their minds. number one, all those republican debates. put the candidates on equal footing, showed their strengths and weaknesses. number two, the country's future hangs in the balance and they need just the right candidate to beat barack obama. jan crawford, des moines, iowa. >> asking you for more money. according to the l.a. times, his campaign to raise taxes next year has already
collected $1.2 million. some of the biggest donors include a triable group as well as a hospital industry political action committee. the governor wants voters to approve an initiative that would raise taxes on the state's highest earners. >> the 16-year-old who suffered a concussion after getting hit in the head by a shark's fan during a game is still waiting for an apology. maggie was at the sharks game on wednesday when they played the vancouver canucks. survived a major brain surgery four years ago says some sharks fans were harassing her for cheering for the opposing team. she says the worst part is when the fans smacked her. >> everybody jumped up and then hands came down, hitting me on the back of my head. >> an acknowledgment. an oh, i'm sorry. anything would really be, you know, nice to hear. >> despite the injury, maggie says she appreciates the kindness the sharks medical
staff showed her. as for the headache, being a brain tumor patient, she's used to the pain and is recovering nicely. >> the reward for the safe return of a squirrel monkey stolen from the san francisco zoo has increased to $5,000 tonight. that's thanks to a private donation. banana sam is the monkey's name. joe vazquez explains what happened. >> taylor the squirrel monkey scrambles around his habitat and entertains the children. he may be sad as he is missing a friend, who looks a lot like him. san francisco zoo officials say someone stole banana sam last night or early this morning. >> however this animal was taken was probably forceful and you know, it's heart wrenching. it's like losing a member of our family and we want him back. >> banana sam is 17 years old, a foot tall, and weighs only
two pounds. zoo employees noticed someone had cut two holes in the outside mesh enclosure of the squirrel monkey exhibit. >> one was a fairly small hole. about a foot long or so. the other hole was fairly large. large enough for a small person to go in. >> banana sam was missing. the only one gone of 18 squirrel monkeys. they decided to remove all the other monkeys and keep them inside for the day. >> horrible. >> it perplexes me to think someone would take one. they are so cute and adorable. i can see why someone would want one. but i mean, terrible thing tho do to a zoo. >> who would steal a monkey? >> i have no idea. unfortunately, primates rleal as pets in some states. they are not legal in california. primates do not make good pets. they belong here. >> come st four years after
the infamous escaped tiger incident. one young man was fatally mauled and his two friends were mauled after they taunted tatiana. they since restructured the tiger habitat and they have adequate security as a whole. that said, a zoo official told me that if someone is determined, they can pull off a theft like this one today. they will be stepping up security, though, for the next few days. at the san francisco zoo, cbs 5. other bay area headlines, a san jose couple has been arrested for illegally fishing and selling their catch on the black market. game wardens say that him and his wife were on their radar for measure a year. investigators say they used recreational fishing license to catch, then they sold sensitive experience. the designer responsible for the ipod, the iphone, the
ipad can add another achievement. apple's chief designer, jonathan was awarded a knight hood in the new year honor's list. i was raised in england before he came to work for apple in 1992. how safe are you when you fly? the big mistakes caught just in time. and why new training programs aren't making the grade. >> fee or no fee? why verison is doing a flip- flop. >> gorgeous views, luxury amenities, what you see online may not be what you are actually getting.
that's about to land without its n. but that's well, you don't want to be on a plane that is about to land with the wheels down, fortunately the pilot cought the mistake. >> and some pilots are saying that learning new rules is affecting safety in the skies. >> when you get on an airplane, your best hope is the pilot's training is as good as it can be. not if you have some cockpit crews today, you might not get the confidence you're looking for. >> being tossed with learning that new procedure. it's an opportunity to practice it. sitting at home in our armchairs reading it. >> that's the worry after having to relearn procedures to fly some of the world's busiest routes. united merged with continental. and the new training practices for the brand-new combined airlines are making some pilots feel like they are back in flight school. >> there has to be one set of procedures. a lot of retraining and that
retraining requires a very robust training program to make sure it becomes. >> united pilots union worries the new merged airline is relying on internet based learning and not relying enough on time spent in simulators. >> practicing procedures time and time again becomes part of your routine. >> there has been incidents. must have become so distracked that they made mistakes. forgetting to put the landing gear down, for one. >> procedures that i see in my cockpit have been changed dramatically. >> the airline denies the allegations. saying these claims are baseless and an attempt contract negotiations. >> nothing could be further from the truth. we had to take our attention from the contract negotiations away from contract negotiations and focus them on safety. >> with the clock ticking, the
fda gave its blessings to make the two airlines one. the training reg min remains. >> you have to realize there is incentive to quickly emerge to different airlines and to achieve this to realize economic benefits and the sooner that's done, the better the bottom line. >> merging two airlines is complicated enough. merging two training manuals, that's harder. cbs news, los angeles. verison has dropped a plan to charge customers for phone or one-time online payments after customers complained. yesterday, verison announced the plan for what it called convenience fees. hoping to steer customers to automatic payments. customers were outraged and started an online petition. verison posted a statement saying customer feedback led to their decision to eliminate the plan. breathtaking views, pools,
hotel website sometimes do promise you paradise. on the consumer watch, julie watts shows us four stars to one person could be a dump to another. >> it was just a big shock. it was a lot different than the website. >> old world elegance at the mayfair hotel in the heart of los angeles. instead of the promised charming historic hotel. >> it felt dirty and gross. >> the bed didn't even have covers on them. they had a piece of flowered sheet. >> her photos show ripped up carpet, exposed electrical switches and from her 12th story room. >> you can open the window and reach right out. no safety barrier. no safety screen, bars, nothing at all. >> and when a cbs camera went inside, it revealed damaged base boards, ripped up wallpaper and an unhappy customer on the 15th floor. >> oh my gosh.
that's the most dangerous thing i have ever seen in my life. >> you look online, you research around, and then you arrive at the hotel that you chose and it wasn't what you imagined. >> travel company created something called the photo fakeout. his team traveled the 1500 hotels snapping pictures of what you really get. this hotel shows its pool under the southern california sky. in reality, the view is equipped by a department store in one of the busiest streets in l.a. this leads you to believe you're right next to the capital. his team found you're not. >> this is one you can't return it. it has to be perfect. when they exaggerate, they taking that away from you. >> laura has learned you can't always believe what you see. >> you should be able to deliver it. >> the mayfair hotel declined to comment. it's best to read online reviews.
on the consumer watch, julie watts, cbs 5. i'm meteorologist lawrence in the cw weather center. we had a cold front move through. we have plenty of fog outside. will it stay for the holiday? we'll have that coming up. [ male announcer ] citibank's new app for ipad
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technically rain today or a heavy mist? >> we technically had a few rain drops around the bay area. we got more drizzle, quite honestly. especially along the coastline. heavy drizzle, but not much in the way of precipitation at all. it looks like that will be our last best chance until the new year. we have a lot of fog that is developing out there. lights looking bright. you can see the fog out there. it's getting thick in spots. we'll have to watch out for that and maybe tomorrow night. yup, for new year's, we'll see more fog on the way. here's your cold front swinging through town. then you see it falls apart. running into a ridge of high pressure. we are drying things out as we make our way into san francisco.
as we look towards saturday, we'll see a few clouds. some patchy fog. we head toward the afternoon, an offshore wind should kick in. so, looking pretty good. here's another nice shot for you. a lot of fog over san francisco and the temperatures cooling off in spots. it's down to 36 degrees and only a quarter of a mile visibility in santa rosa. 49 fog in concorde. we are still looking at nice weather. high pressure builds in behind this front. that means we see this offshore wind kicking in. a dry weekend and a nice weekend around the bay area. things may change as we head in toward next week. a system moving by and behind that, a couple passing clouds. otherwise, looking good. maybe some down lope winds in santa rosa. about 60 degrees in san francisco. next couple days, we head into the new year, we're looking
good. high pressure building in and seeing sunshine, maybe some showers toward the middle of next week. be careful, a couple patches of fog out there. temperatures are chilly. by the way, there's a big game this weekend. that's right, we have the san diego chargers versus the oakland raiders. should be mostly sunny, it's all on the line this weekend. go raiders. >> go raiders. >> it's nice to have a nonpartisan weather guy. >> who is a raider guy? >> every last second, what happens when you lose your helmet? keep on playing, of course. more bowl games to show you.
tomorrow night whe
not be with the first place warriors tomorrow night when they take on the 76ers. attend his grandmother's funeral. it's time for the sports minute. lebron james. tied at 101 with minnesota. to dwayne wade for the game winner. miami is 4-0. time to give away. why not? i'll take those. mississippi state ran away with the mvp award. helps when one is for 60 and the other is for 72. bulldogs over wake forest 23- 17. yankees stadium. rutgers leading iowa state. dodd goes for broke right there. over the 5-7 defender. 86-yard touchdown. the scarlet knights go on to win 27-13. gets ripped off, what does he do? he keeps on playing. of course, he hustles and makes a great block. no helmet. allowing his quarterback to
throw the touchdown. to tulsa, no timeouts. they come to the line of scrimmage. riley nelson fakes it and throws to cody hoffman for the game winning touchdown. ufc's blockbuster calls it quit after the fight, after he loses. >> wow. it's big. >> what did you say? >> about 2:36 into the first. >> that's it. >> thank you. g-force. >> grover, elmo, lilly, and zoe. it is a bunch of home sick puppies. >> miss piggy isn't part of it. six abandoned pups found in november strong enough to come home. the response has been overwelming. i think they are australian shepherd mix. more than 100 people expressed interest. they were found hungry, dehydrated, flees and everything. they are good to go. they should be in the hands of new families for the new year. >> that face will melt your
heart. so cute. >> and there's a reward for whoever dumped them. >> all right, see you at 11:00. sweetheart. we need to talk. i've seen your stunts online. i can explain... jumping a ramp in a shopping cart. so 2005. wait, what? and only 3 likes? honey, it's embarrassing. carol's son got over 12 million views on that dancing squirrel video. don't you want that? i...i suppose. now go make your dad and me proud. try something funny. [ male announcer ] now everyone's up to speed.
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